What's a Catalytic Converter in a Car and Why Do They Fail?

In this video, Dave Riccio, ASE Certified Technician, Co-Creator of Bumper to Bumper Radio and "The Automotive Therapist" provides an overview of the automotive catalytic converter.
What's a catalytic converter? What's inside a catalytic converter? How do catalytic converters fail? What symptoms will you experience when your catalytic converter is failing? How many catalytic converters does your car have? Can you ignore a bad catalytic converters? How much to replace a catalytic converter? How long do catalytic converters last?
Dave also covers the precious metals in your catalytic converter - platinum, palladium, rhodium.
Johnson Matthey - is a great source of good information when it comes to the specifics of catalytic converters if you want a more in-depth look. https://matthey.com/en/markets/automo...
Catalytic converter animation of the chemical process - https://youtu.be/Ls52nxpQs1c
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